Indoor Digital Marketing

Not Sure What Indoor Digital Marketing Looks Like For You?

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Two Ways to Grow Your Business

Town Vision Digital helps to grow your business by increasing sales to existing customers while also increasing new customers. Using an innovative Digital Marketing Design, use the top portion of the screen for promotions and sales to upsell your existing customers while other local businesses promote you on their Town Vision Digital Screens.

Based on Proven Corporate Strategies

The Town Vision Digital design closely mirrors large corporate strategies, much like the ones used at McDonalds and other large retailers. Combining the upselling of current customers while bringing in new ones, create a successful and community based local business.

Innovative Community Board to Grow Your Outreach

Every local business that installs a Town Vision Digital Screen gets a slide to advertise their business on a rotating display on every other local business’ screen as well. Each screen is split in two, the top portion being for the business to advertise and communicate with their customers, while the bottom portion rotates through the other local businesses, allowing you to grow your audience and increase new customers.

What’s Included

We’ve got you covered. From the screen and installation to the hardware and software needed to run and design your advertisements. Our HD screens come in many sizes so we can accommodate your business’ specific needs. Your first few ads will be professionally designed by us, so you have something to display immediately. All we need from you is a good Wifi connection and an accessible outlet! Training is also provided to you can design your personalized ads.

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